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Pre-Surgery Tips

This is a general guideline for getting yourself ready for surgery. Luckily, you most likely have the ability to plan in advance and get yourself into the best physical shape possible and get your life set up for an easy recovery. Surgery is traumatic, from both a a physical and a psychological aspect. When you are experiencing health problems, life can feel very out of control. Little things like preparation can help ease the anxiety that always accompanies an expedition into the operating room.

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Prehabilitation is the growing science of using not only phyical training, but nutrition and psychological well being to prepare patients for the trauma of surgery. A healthy body heals faster, there can be no debate on this point. The goal for Pilonidal Surgery Prehab is to reduce stress by putting the mind at ease by preparation, increasing body healing mechanism responses, and have a nutritional boost at the ready to support healing and recovery after surgery.

Use your time before surgery to get yourself in the best possible health before you show up at the operating room. Eat like you are training for the Olympics, take a multivitamin daily, and get out to engage in some kind of exercise - even just fitness walking. The better health you are in when you go for your surgery, the quicker you will heal, the better you will handle the anesthesia and the sooner you will be back to your regular activities.

Diet - high quality proteins, fruits, vegetables. Whole grain breads. No fried food. Skip the drive thru.

Exercise - get your heart pumping, especially get your legs moving since you'll be doing a lot of lying down for the first week of recovery. Walking every day is great, some light weight training also is even better. Exercises that help with flexibility are an excellent idea as you'll be twisting your upper body to look at your surgical site fairly regularly during recovery.

Life planning - plan for your recovery period, even if you just having the abscess lanced and drained you will be in "recovery" for at least 1 week. The best option is being able to take 2 weeks, but not everyone can take that much time off from work. Going right back to work within days of a surgical treatment is usually a mistake that the patient later regrets.

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Pre-Surgery Checklist

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This page last updated: 11/05/2010

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