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Surgical Costs

Money is always an ugly subject, and few things in life infuriate us (in the USA, anyway) than forking over huge chunks of our hard earned cash to insurance companies, who then barely cover our needs.The costs discussed on this page are primarily for US patients. We do have a running forums thread where patients have been listing out the costs over the years.

What is in the costs?

The average costs for surgery depend on the type of procedure you are having, where you live, what kind of coverage you have (if any). Keep in mind that you can usually negotiate a discount in fees if you are paying in cash or credit card. See "How to Haggle with your Doctor" for tips. 

Keep in mind that these are ranges, your state could be much higher or lower. Hospital costs also vary a great deal, not to mention that billing errors are frequent. If the costs seem completely out of line, call your insurer. They don't want to pay outrageous costs any more than you do.

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The primary costs for surgeries are:

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This page last updated: 11/06/2010

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