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Diagnostic Photos - Non Surgical

Diagnostic Pictures - Non-Surgical

Assorted photos showing flare-ups, sacral dimple, pits and sinuses.

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Pictures of Pit Picking technique, courtesy of Dr. John Bascom

Bascom Pit Picking Pictures

Pictures of Pit Picking technique, courtesy of Dr. John Bascom.

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Bascom Cleft Lift Pictures

Bascom Cleft Lift Pictures

Pictures showing the Bascom Cleft Lift operation, courtesy of Drs. Tom and John Bascom.

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Karydakis Flap PicturesKarydakis Flap Pictures

Pictures from various Karydakis Flap operations in Australia, courtesy of Dr. Paul Kitchen (Melbourne).

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Open Wound Excision Picture

Open Wound Excision Pictures

Photos of surgical wounds from excision with Open Healing (aka Healing by Secondary Intent).

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Modified Limberg Flap Picture

Modified Limberg Flap Pictures

Pictures from a modified Limberg Flap surgery.

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Pathology Lab Pictures

Pictures from the Pathology Lab

For those who just have to know....

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Closed Wound Excision Picture

Closed Wound Excision Pictures

Pictures from a closed wound surgery.

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