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We can't repeat this enough times....Pilonidal treatment is 10% surgery and 90% aftercare!

This section is a place that we hope you will spend a lot of time on. Taking care of yourself is a critical task and this is where your part of the partnership between you and your surgeon comes into its own. The surgeon did his/her part - now it is your turn. Wound healing is its own science and has its own specialty field in medicine. Pilonidal wounds, in particular, require far more care and special treatment than most other wounds. Wound care is slightly different for closed incisions and open healing, but many of the basics cover both. Understanding how the body heals wounds will make your recovery simpler and remove a tremendous amount of anxiety about what is normal and what is not.

Much of the advice in this segment of the web site is taken directly from wound care specialist sources such as World Wide Wounds. We will admit right up front that we have little faith in most doctors to give their patients proper wound care instructions, which is why Aftercare is the largest and most comprehensive section in this web site.

Aftercare Topics (Links)
Wound Healing Overview Problems during healing Vitamins & Diet
Wound Healing In Depth Problems After Healing Physical Activity
Cleansing & Packing Wound Care Products Hair Removal
Dressing Drainage You and Your Scar

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