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Help Is Here!

You have arrived at the front door of Pilonidal.org, the online home of the Pilonidal Support Alliance.

This web site is here to help patients, those who care for them, doctors and other medical professionals learn about Pilonidal Disease which you will find referred to in various places as Pilonidal Cysts, Pilonidal Abscesses, and Pilonidal Sinus.

Our mission is a simple one: provide a support community where patients can educate themselves about Pilonidal Disease and become fully active partners with their doctors in determining treatment. While this organization is based in the US A, our reach is world-wide and we welcome patients and doctors everywhere looking for better treatments and healthy recoveries.

This site is a gift to those suffering from this lousy disease, and we very much hope that you will use it in wisely and take responsibility as a full partner in your treatment and health.

The Pilonidal Support Alliance is a tax-exempt California non-profit corporation under IRS regulation 501(c)(3), your donations are fully tax deductible.*